A Happy Nappy Cake Gift

Bauer | December 25, 2018 | 0 | Retail

When it comes to baby shower gifts, everyone is singing one song – nappy cakes. As it has become a popular trend, it is common to find these gifts everywhere. You will not miss them on baby gift websites, local shops, and retail stores among others. What’s more, today they come in a variety of themes ranging from colorful playtime themes to even the snuggly bath themed ones. Therefore, if it’s the route you want to take, then don’t panic. You will find something to gift that mum-to-be friend of yours. Also, there is the option of creating your own traditional nappy cake if you are into craft.


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Traditional nappy cake

These comprise of two tiers of nappies and a top tier of rolled wash cloth that have a decorated ribbon and a stuffed animal for a cake topper. They were popular before and could be personalized with various baby essentials to look very pretty. Today, you can still create the nappy cake by yourself but the technique has somehow changed. There are a variety of styles that the DIY nappy cake is being created with such as the bassinet diaper cake that’s made out of shoeboxes or even a nappy cake that has the theme of books that represents different children’s book.

Where to buy the readymade ones

If you are the host of a baby shower and probably filled with wonder and panic on where you are going to get a nappy cake, worry not. There are plenty of readymade nappy cakes sold everywhere. It also offers a great option if you are looking forward to buying more than one nappy cake; like having one as the center piece and the other as the gift. Online is the best option as there are many shops and websites that are dedicated to selling baby gifts.

Theme Ideas

If you are not sure about the theme and you want to play it safe, choose a bath time nappy cake as these are unisex and have lots of nappies, scented soaps among other nice things. If you want a colorful, fun nappy cake, then the playtime themed ones will serve best as they have some fun things inside that will light up not only the parents but the baby as well. Visit at Baby Express

What to consider when buying them

The most important things that you will need to consider when you decide it’s a nappy cake that you want to gift the parents is the theme. Also when it comes to deciding where to buy, online options will always pose cheaper as well as a convenient means although you also need to be careful and do cross comparisons in the stores that sell them to get genuine products. Also you could look into the custom option if you want to be a step ahead of the rest.

Baby gifts such as nappy cakes can never get boring as parents are also having that baby for the first time and thus can use as much help as possible. Also a nappy cake is a safe gift, given that it comprises baby-friendly treats.




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