Quilting: A Few Useful Tips for Beginners

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Perhaps you’re someone who used to sew a long time ago but now decide to get back in the game with the quilt kits Australia has around. Or, you’re totally new to the craft and would like to take on the challenge to make a present for a family member or friend. Either way, quilting can be a tad overwhelming when you’re a rookie. The good news is that there are ways to make it easier to do and with less obvious mistakes.

Choose Patterns with Big Pieces

When you buy Australian quilt kits, it’s best to get those with larger parts as you’ll be able to put them together more quickly. There will be fewer seams to worry about too, thus you can piece together blocks accurately and leave less room for errors. Quilts for babies tend to feature patterns wherein you can practice basic techniques like half-square triangles and patchwork squares so you might want to look into them. Click here The Strawberry Thief

Prepare the Necessary Tools

Obviously, you can’t craft anything without proper materials and equipment. Some of the must-have items you should get beforehand include scissors, cutters, rulers, cutting mats, clips, pins, needles, and seam rippers. No need to worry about fabrics and batting if you’re thinking to purchase the quilt kits Australia providers have available. Just make sure that you get them from a reputable shop such as The Strawberry Thief which offers quality Liberty Tana Lawn.

Keep Any Clutter Away

Regardless of the size and difficulty of the project you’re tackling, you’ll have a hard time concentrating when your workspace is full of unnecessary items. Put away anything that you don’t really need such as your phone as these can distract you. It also helps to tape down the patterns you’ve gotten from quilt kits in Australia after cutting the fabric so you can easily check your progress and determine that seams and lines aren’t crooked or anything.

Washing the Fabrics Beforehand

Prior to cutting, you might want to give the cloths a wash first. Those that are made of pure cotton can be easily tossed into the machine while others may have to be washed by hand. Prewashing is important to remove some of the chemicals used in production. Also, it takes out any excess colour that may bleed later on. Washing quilt kits Australia fabrics can help prevent any shrinking too. When in doubt about wash instructions, check the end of the bolt or consult with the provider.

Take Lessons for Beginners

Even if you’ve been sewing for years, it can pay to learn from an expert on quilting. You can find a plethora of video tutorials on the web these days but it’s much better to see the work in person. Besides, a number of workshops tend to include bundles and freebies that you might otherwise miss from online how-tos. You can also find Australian quilt kits that you wouldn’t expect were top-of-the-line since they don’t get mentioned a lot by the masses but are popular among the pros.

Make a quilt takes a lot of work but the tips shared above should make the process even a little bit easier for you. Ensure that you enjoy the masterpiece you’ve made once you’re done as you’ve likely invested a good amount of time and energy in its creation. See more at http://www.thestrawberrythief.com.au/quilt-kits/

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